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The StripTease plugin changes WordPress’s default “Read More” teaser links so that they link to full posts.

WordPress makes it easy to break up long posts so you can save space on your home page. Simply insert the <!--more--> quicktag while editing a post, and WordPress will display the text that comes before it as a teaser followed by a Read More link to the rest of the post. When a reader follows the link, the single-post page is loaded and the browser “jumps” to the unread text.

This jump can be disorienting, and some bloggers prefer to link their teasers to the full posts instead of the unread text.

That’s where the StripTease plugin comes in. It automatically strips the “#more” fragments from the end of your teaser links and turns them into links to your full posts.


The StripTease plugin automatically changes your teaser links from this:

To this:


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Put the striptease plugin folder in your WordPress plugins directory.
  3. Activate the StripTease plugin on your WordPress plugins administration panel.

The StripTease plugin doesn’t require any configuration. Once it’s activated, it will immediately begin stripping your teaser links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use this plugin?

If you create teasers for your posts with the <!--more--> quicktag, and you want those teasers to link to the full posts instead of jumping to the unread text, you should use the StripTease plugin.

How do I configure this plugin?

The StripTease plugin doesn’t require any configuration. Once it’s activated, it will immediately begin stripping the “#more” fragments from the end of your teaser links.

Do I have to use “pretty permalinks” with this plugin?

No, you don’t. The StripTease plugin will work with WordPress’s default querystring permalinks as well as its rewrite-based pretty permalinks.


The StripTease WordPress Plugin is copyright © 2005 by Guy M. Fisher. It is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

21 replies on “StripTease WordPress Plugin”

Dear Mr. Fisher,

Thank you for this great plugin. I must also indicate that I had recently changed things in my theme so that the text “Read the rest of this entry” appeared on a new line. Your plugin has no bad effect on the line break, so thats great!

Thanks again,


Mr. Fisher,

First, thank you for providing a wonderful turnkey solution to solving this preference in WordPress. Second, I noticed something and wish to ask if you plan to support — or have a suggestion — as to how to go about extending this so that it also strips the More tag inclusions on the Archives pages that list.

Currently, this only affects the Home page, but I would like to have it site-wide with all pages expected to include a More tag.

Thank you for your time,


Thanks for your comment, Daniel. The StripTease plugin will strip the “#more” fragments from your teaser links any time WordPress displays a full post, whether it’s on the home page or an archive page.

Your archive teasers aren’t being stripped because your archive pages are displaying excerpts instead of full posts. WordPress only adds teaser links to full posts, so the authors of the theme you’re using had to add them manually by “hard coding” them into the archives template. The StripTease plugin has no way of getting to these pseudo teaser links.

If you look at line 25 of archive.php and line 17 of search.php in the Cutline theme directory, you’ll see the code that mimics the teaser links:

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>#more-<?php the_ID(); ?>" title="Read the rest of this entry">

The highlighted code is the part that creates the “#more” fragments. If you edit those two template files and remove the highlighted code, you should get the naked teaser links you’re after.

Guy, thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I’m just now catching back up to it while it crossed my mind tonight.

I’ll look into editing the template files — and thank you for your suggestions! I greatly appreciate it!

This is a great little nifty plugin. I was also previously quite irritated by the jumps and this plugin has solved that problem. I’ve since implemented it on my site ( and it works perfectly. Thanks!

Just so you know in case it happens to someone else, if you activate the LiveSig plugin, StripTease stops working. I’ve ditched LiveSig and I’m looking for another alternative.

Thanks for the heads up, Trisha. It looks like the LiveSig plugin is “hijacking” the post content before other plugins have had a chance to work with it. Hopefully, it’ll be updated soon.


I’d like to be able to use this only for the archive section of my site, or catagories. Basically everywhere but the home page.

How is this possible?

Once installed do I just hunt and remove the code from the main index.php and leave it on the others?

Hi, Dave. Normally, the StripTease plugin works on any page that displays full posts instead of excerpts. If you want to keep it from stripping the teasers on your home page, you could try wrapping an if statement that uses the WordPress is_home() conditional tag around lines 37 and 38 in the striptease.php plugin file:

if (!is_home()) { // if is not home page
... lines 37 and 38 ...

Good luck!

Hi, I’m setting up my blog (I’m a beginner) and I just installed the StripTease plug-in. When I tried it for the first time I see it works correctly but since my blog is in Spanish, the link “Continued…” doesn’t work for me. Can you guys please help me and tell me which file I need to edit so instead of “Continued…”, the link says “Leer más…”. Gracias!!!

Thanks for using the StripTease WordPress Plugin, Joules. This plugin strips the “#more” fragments from your teaser links, but it doesn’t affect the text of those links. The “Continued…” text is controlled by the the_content tag in your blog’s theme templates. Check with the theme’s developer to see if the theme has been translated into Spanish. If not, they can tell you which templates to edit so that your blog displays the link text you want. ¡Buena suerte!

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